Everfrost group pic

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Everfrost is a Finnish heavy metal band pioneering the genre ‘winter metal’, a combination of power/symphonic metal with an anime-inspired, visual kei flavor.

The band features vocalists Hew Wagner and Mikael Salo, guitarist Markus Laito, drummer Joonas Salminen, bassist Allan C Hasanen and keyboardist Benjamin Connelly (Snowkinder). The music includes generous use of catchy melodies and heavy riffs, plenty of guitar and keyboard solos, a large instrumental variety from orchestral to electronic and energetic drumming. The vocals consist of operatic and power metal-inspired male vocals, occasionally including female vocals and harsh vocals as a contrast. The band’s lyrical themes deal with escapism, death/loss and fantasy.

The band’s visual appeal mixes manga and anime with gothic, horror and fantasy elements. A task undertaken by popular Japanese mangaka, Michiru Bokido who illustrated the band’s debut album, Blue Eyed Emotion.