All of us at Everfrost are proud to present to you our latest album, Blue Eyed Emotion! On December 19th the album was released as digital download on including all 9 tracks and PDF album booklet + inserts and photos. The album will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, GooglePlay Store, CDBaby shop, Rhapsody and other relevant online streaming and purchase places soon after Christmas. Physical copies will also be available online and in select stores worldwide.

Here is a teaser video of the album featuring a short clip from each song and previews of album artwork by mangaka, Michiru Bokido!

Full album purchase/download is here!

Big thanks from us to Unknown Power Metal Youtube for sharing our track ‘Three Tier Terror’ on their channel and also to Jack Hernandez for getting us into the Metal Archives at Encyclopedia Metallum!

We all want to thank everybody who has been supporting us and welcome all our new friends and followers. We hope you are all enjoying the album!\m/ We will have more release info for you soon plus new videos and merch coming.